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Lightweight vehicle

Invite relevant passenger cars, commercial vehicles, etc., to systematically display new achievements, new breakthroughs, and new achievements in new vehicle design, body development, and lightweight applications.

Lightweight materials and components

  • High-performance automotive steel, advanced high-strength steel, ultra-high-strength steel, new energy vehicle steel, steel for various parts, EVI, hot forming technology, multi-material overall solution, etc.

  • Aluminum alloy materials, aluminum bodies and components, aluminum casting and forgings, aluminum wheels, special aluminum materials for new energy vehicles, etc.

  • Magnesium alloy materials and related products.

  • Automotive plastics, composite materials and special materials, automotive rubber materials, adhesive sealing materials, functional ceramics, friction materials, fabrics and leather. Other lightweight new materials.

  • All kinds of innovative lightweight component products. 

Lightweight structure design and optimization, new car design and development, structural optimization, simulation design, etc.


Lightweight processing technology and equipment

  • Injection molding, molding, stamping, rolling, hydraulics, surface treatment, connection, casting, forging, cutting and other molding technology and equipment.

  • Riveting, fastener connection, friction stir welding, CMT welding, laser welding, HSPR self-piercing riveting, rivetless connection, FDS hot melt self-tapping riveting, structural adhesive, tape and other connection technologies, materials and processes.

  • Forming mold design and manufacturing, material and parts testing, certification services.

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