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Helping global automotive technology upgrades,the 18th CIAIE will be show on August 02 to 04, 2024

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The 18th CIAIE is officially set for August 02 to 04, 2024. The successful experience of the 17th and the in-depth industry exploration have made CIAIE stand on a new peak again!


Exhibition Overview

During the more than 10 years of deep cultivation in the automotive interior and exterior industry, CIAIE and China's automotive industry have developed together. It has become a professional exhibition for the automotive interior and exterior industry with a large scale and influence in the world. Exhibits involve interior and exterior trim assemblies, seats, smart cockpits, plastic parts, decorative parts, steering wheels, door panels, roofs, body covers, body structure parts, exterior parts, cockpit electronics, passive safety, bumpers, rearview mirrors, vehicle lighting. New materials, new technologies, new equipments and new processes in the application fields will be unveiled in a concentrated manner. The exhibition fully links the upstream and downstream industry chains of automotive interior and exterior decorations, CIAIE is the preferred platform for market expansion and brand promotion, it is also a one-stop professional platform for business technology and academic exchanges for industry professionals to seize market opportunities.


Approved By:

Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce

Approval number: Shanghai Business Exhibition (2019)-XZ19-No. 138


China Auto Parts Accessories & Corp (CAPAC)

China-Europe Automotive Materials Committee

China Lighting Association

International Automobile Lightweight Green Technology Alliance

China-Europe New Energy Smart Automobile Industry Association

INFO Exhibition (Shanghai) Group Co., Ltd.

China Plastics Association Artificial Leather and Synthetic Leather Professional Committee

Shanghai Mold Technology Association


China Association of Automobile Manufacturers Automobile Related Industry Branch

Automotive Instrument Professional Committee of China Automobile Manufacturers Association

International Society of Automotive Engineers

Korea Trade and Investment Promotion Corporation

Korea Automobile Industry Cooperation Association (KAICA)

Taiwan Transportation Vehicle Manufacturers Association

Engineering Plastics Committee of China Plastics Processing Industry Association

Modified Plastics Committee of China Plastics Processing Industry Association

Guangxi New Energy Automobile Industry Association


INFO Convention & Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Why Exhibit

Since it was first successfully held in Shanghai in 2011, CIAIE has repeatedly set new industry records and wrote new chapters. It will exceed 70,000 sqms of exhibition area in 2024, with 1,000 exhibitors and an estimated 80,000 professional visitors. So far, CIAIE has become the world's largest, professional, international, and most influential event for the automotive interiors and exteriors industry. The exhibition area continued to double and expand, and exhibitors and professional visitors also increased to 13 times and 8 times as much as the first exhibition.


As the most influential brand event of the 2024 International Auto Inno Tech Week, CIAIE 2024 will set up a display mode of 1 main module + 10 sub-modules to showcase new products, new materials, new technologies and new processes under the changing times.


With 1,000+ Chinese and overseas auto OEMs, 1&2&3 tiers and other top brand companies, discuss new ideas, new market conditions, and new opportunities under the changing times. CIAIE 2024 will be linked around 11 themes, and the traditional "series" model will be upgraded to a "net-like" structure, covering a full range of automotive interior and exterior industry chains. Well-known Chinese and foreign exhibitors will also compete on the same stage and exhibit their star products at CIAIE 2024.

Why Visit

A top purchase platform gathering famous brands

The event gathers 1,000+ famous brands of automotive interiors and exteriors at home and abroad. The activities held concurrently with the event include the 12th Shanghai International New Energy Auto Technology and Ecological Chain Expo 2024, the 18th Shanghai International Automotive Interiors and Exteriors Exhibition 2024, the 18th Shanghai International Automotive Lamp Technology Exhibition 2024, Shanghai International Energy Storage Lithium Battery and Power Battery Conference and Exhibition 2024. The exhibits cover interior and exterior assembly, seats, intelligent cockpit, plastic parts, decoration parts, steering wheels, door board, ceiling, body cover, body structural members, exterior parts, cabin electronics, passive safety, bumper, rearview mirror, car lamp and lighting and new materials, new technologies, new equipment and new processes, with complete varieties of products to build an effective one-stop purchase platform.

20+ activities held at the same time, so you can have a knowledge of the latest industrial trends

More than 20 high-level professional conferences and forums will be held concurrently with the CIAIE 2024. The forums will adopt the form of “keynote speech, interactive ask and answer, release event of innovative automotive technologies and products”. Through the establishment of automotive engineering club, offline wine party and salon, and online group communication and discussion, it will explore the development trend of innovative automotive technologies, establish an automotive technology development system and operation mechanism integrating industry, government, academy and research and speed up the direct practical application of new technology fruits in the automotive industry.

Maintain and develop partnerships

With a face-to-face communication with renowned enterprises of the industry, you can hunt for new partners and suppliers, while maintaining your relationship with existing suppliers.

Buyer match service can help you find your favorite exhibitor(s)

As long as you provide your complete and accurate purchase demands, we will help you connect with the suitable exhibitors so that you can have more business and make a more effective use of the exhibition time.


 Industry benchmarking exhibition, held for the first time in 2011

◆ Online and offline procurement negotiation mode, efficiently matching precise needs

◆ 100,000+ professional buyers worldwide

◆ The best industry communication platform, multi-channel and multi-mode deep integrated communication

◆ At the same time, it gathers professional forums in technology, R&D, design, manufacturing and other industries and application fields, and massive resources are connected

◆ Covering the entire industry chain platform, helping industry communication and interconnection

◆ Series of value-added services, all-round market promotion

◆ Integrated online and offline marketing to help increase brand awareness


More related advanced technology enterprises, research organizations, big names of the industry, experts and scholars are welcomed to have a dialogue on the future of automobile industry and promote the innovative and intelligent development of Chinese and global automobile industry.

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